Andrea’s presentation on fueling your body for endurance sports was so interesting, informative, and practical. Andrea connects so well with her audience and delivers what they want. She is such an approachable, enthusiastic and energetic speaker and gave so many easily adaptable tips for healthy eating for endurance sport that the audience was hanging on her every word. It was such an interactive, fun, and informative event to go to. Just loved the Smoothie and power balls samples and recipes. I would HIGHLY recommend one of her talks to anyone who wants to better fuel their body for better
— Deb Intas, Co-Founder of WOWride Cycling Club, Vancouver Canada.

By the time I began working with Andrea on her 3 month Glow program I thought what I had was a healthy eating plan but my gut felt awful. I had eliminated complete food groups from my diet but still had bloating and felt like a brick was in my stomach after eating. I had cobbled together assorted eating plans but nothing was working.

Andrea started me on a cleanse and gave me a list of foods I should be eliminating. I had been eating 50% of the food on this list. Andrea suggested FODMAPS and within a few days I felt better and by week 3 my guts felt normal for the first time in a couple of years. I was eating carbs I hadn’t eaten in ages and still feeling fine.
Andrea is now guiding me through the testing phase.

I’ve read a ton of books tried lots and lots of eating plans but without success. Having Andrea guide me through the Glow program has helped immensely. Andrea is very easy to work with, she’s always available for my questions, and her positive advice and guidance have helped me achieve a happy gut.
— Merrill Macfarlane

I signed up for Haute Route Dolomites 2017,  a 7 day, 817 km, 21, 200 meters of climbing cycling race not really knowing what I had signed up for. I tried losing weight through starvation and by yelling at my family and then hired Andrea who transformed my food choices and eating habits. With Andrea’s help I lost 22 pounds, met all the time cutoffs, and best of all, my clothes don’t fit me anymore.
— Edwin Beange

I first met Andrea McDonald when she gave a seminar full of great tips about how to fuel your two-wheeled life — whether it’s for a Gran Fondo or a fun adventure ride with friends. Since then I have been working with Andrea, tapping into her extensive knowledge base to set me on the path of eating whole, natural foods, when to eat, as well as some lifestyle choices/changes. Many of us know what good foods and nutrition are, but sometimes we need guidance and a kickstart to develop better habits. Andrea has been so helpful, knowledgeable, approachable and fun. I will start gearing up my training in the New Year for a big 7-day stage race in the summer, and I will be sourcing Andrea for all her expertise and guidance to help me reach my goal.
— Marisa Myrah

What a difference nutrition makes. I felt strong start-to-finish. Thank you for fixing a part of my racing that was all wrong
— Jennifer MacPherson, Ironman and Triathlon Enthusiast

Andrea’s enthusiasm and passion for nutrition and performance in sport is contagious. I have always been what I thought was a healthy eater; I had no idea what a difference it could make to my energy levels to make some subtle changes or add nutrients I had previously overlooked. Andrea makes everything approachable from pursing an optimal food program to extracting peak performance on a spin bike. As a result, when I decided to revisit road cycling I chose Andrea to be my coach.
— Janet Hiebert, Founder/CEO Samsara Spin Inc.

Andrea’s depth of knowledge with respect to nutrition and athletic performance is unmatched. As well as showcasing some of the foods that make a difference to performance in her recent workshop - it was also very clear that ‘when’ you eat them is critically important.
— Sally Eyre

I have been working with Andrea on my nutrition planing for the past year now! She helps build me healthy strategies around my nutrition and performance goals in sport. I feel she has an excellent understanding of what I put my body through, and how I can maximize my performance through the food I am putting in my body. Especially in a sport like road cycling, which involves hours of intense effort, nutrition is key element in performance. The right food can provide you the most efficient fuel to maximize your performance! With the guidance I receive from Andrea, I feel I am recovering faster and have more energy for my training days ahead.
— Anna Talman/Trek Red Truck Racing

I attended Andrea’s Fuel for Endurance workshop. It was educational and fun. It was interesting and helpful to learn about the body’s energy systems. With each topic covered, Andrea provided examples of specific foods to eat and when to eat them. There were a lot of great take aways. One topic in particular that I was happy she covered was iron. She also provided delicious samples and recipe cards for us to take home.

We really enjoyed the workshop. You’re a very engaging speaker!
— Liz K.

I first met Andrea during a spin class at Method Indoor Cycling and was quickly impressed with her contagious energy and motivation. After also attending one of her Fuel for Endurance workshops, it is clear that Andrea has amassed a wealth of knowledge through her education and years of experience as an endurance athlete across many sports. Being up-to-date with current sports nutrition science, Andrea provided specifics on what (and what not) your body needs in order to maximize both your performance and recovery for endurance sports. For each nutrition topic covered, Andrea provided real-life examples of food where the specific nutrition can be obtained. Being a vegan athlete, it was great to see that Andrea provided examples across a wide spectrum of diets. Since attending her workshop only one week ago, I have implemented a couple of her ideas and have already enjoyed increased performance and an overall increase in my energy levels.
— Travis M.

I had the good sense to engage Andrea for The Glow program when a busy life seemed to be getting in the way of my best intentions for nutrition. After an extremely thorough intake, Andrea had assessed my body’s individual needs and recommended some easily achievable changes to address them. Her enthusiasm and unwavering support of me is incredibly inspiring. I’m enjoying the results of better health by balancing a simple nutrition programme and fitness, all within a still-busy life. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends.
— Shannon Mychajlyszyn

Andrea is well informed and provided me with some useful tips on everyday eating and for training too!
— Kim Abbott